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for each month of the year.

Holiday & Travel Destinations

for every month of the year.


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Workers’ flair in Scotland: discover Glasgow

Edinburgh is always worth a trip, but who is going to Glasgow? Hopefully, all those who are already on the British island, for whom Edinburgh is noble and well-off, Glasgow is cheeky and does not want to say good-bye to his working-day. The flair of the industrial city has entered into a cultural-artistic atmosphere with a wide shopping street in the pedestrian zone, the galleries, museums and exhibitions and history the city has to offer: the necropolis offers a fantastic view over the city and here you can see the tombs By well-known personalities from Scotland’s moving history, such as the great reformer John Knox. The unknown graves, surreptitiously overpower the magic of the huge cemetery. Back in the city, life pulsates with locals and visitors, but especially by the countless street musicians, from the bagpipe player to the rock singer – staying and listening is worthwhile!

Majorca – Spain


There are those destinations that, even over the years and decades, do not lose their charm and still attract crowds of holiday-seeking bathing enthusiasts. Above all, the legendary Balearic Islands with island jewels such as Mallorca and Ibiza as well as the Canary Islands such as Gran Canaria can be mentioned. Each one of these dream destinations convinces because of its favorable climatic conditions and its scenic beauty. Unforgettable sea impressions coupled with a mediterranean feel make the special charm of these popular holiday destinations. While the temperatures on Gran Canaria are around 27 degrees Celsius, they climb to the mark 31 in Ibiza and Mallorca. Another advantage that should not to be underestimated, is the fact that these are destinations in the immediate vicinity (in Europe). So if a long-distance trip is too exhausting and time-consuming, with these options is just right. Because the extensive dream beaches on Mallorca and Ibiza are only a puddle jump away and can be easily reached by plane in just two hours.