Sevilla – Andalusien

If you are looking for sun, warm weather and joy of life in May, this is the right place for you. Seville, the capital of the Autonomous Region of Andalusia, is home to a number of city sights, such as the Cathedral of Maria de la Sede, Giralda and the Alcázar Palace, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Seville is also the center of bullfighting and “flamenco”.

Majorca – Spain

There are those destinations that, even over the years and decades, do not lose their charm and still attract crowds of holiday-seeking bathing enthusiasts. Above all, the legendary Balearic Islands with island jewels such as Mallorca and Ibiza as well as the Canary Islands such as Gran Canaria can be mentioned. Each one of these dream destinations convinces because of its favorable climatic conditions and its scenic beauty. Unforgettable sea impressions coupled with a mediterranean feel make the special charm of these popular holiday destinations. While the temperatures on Gran Canaria are around 27 degrees Celsius, they climb to the mark 31 in Ibiza and Mallorca. Another advantage that should not to be underestimated, is the fact that these are destinations in the immediate vicinity (in Europe). So if a long-distance trip is too exhausting and time-consuming, with these options is just right. Because the extensive dream beaches on Mallorca and Ibiza are only a puddle jump away and can be easily reached by plane in just two hours.

 Antalya – Turkey


If you do not want to fly long, Antalya in May is certainly an optimal and not too crowded holiday destination. After all, there are 10 hours of sun. The old ruin town of Perge is interesting to visit. Antalya offers not only an interesting nightlife, but also a 300 km long beach which stretches all over the coast. In the Belek region you can also play golf.

 St. Julians – Malta


The Mediterranean island offers you a perfect blend of beach holiday, sightseeing, party and culture. One of the most popular resorts on Malta is St. Julians. Here you will find, besides a fascinating turquoise blue sea also picturesque bays. In the evenings, the famous Paceville area is a must. The party offer is diverse.


The island of Cyprus spoils you beside numerous endless white beaches also with rocky coasts and small bays. Sunbathers are just right here. But also athletes are aren’t wrong on the island of Cyprus. The island offers walks in forests, mountaineering, diving, windsurfing, boat trips and golfing. So – for every taste there is a suitable offer.

Not just for wine lovers: the Côte d’Or in Burgundy

Burgundy is one of the most famous wine-growing regions and has more than 2,000 years of history as a region for noble tropics, which has also been acknowledged by UNESCO with a place on the world heritage list. The Côte d’Or is composed of limestone, sometimes stretching on a few hundred meters, forming a narrow valley with vineyards. Some of the ancient vineyards are so tiny that there are only three rows of grapevines. The best way to explore this particular landscape is by bike; In October and November, the Côte d’Or awakens to hectic activity when the vintage begins. In July a baroque opera festival takes place for music lovers. To the excellent wine of course the same excellent cheese, which you should not miss.


The French Mediterranean island of Corsica is still an insider tip. Palombaggia, a sleepy beach with rocks, pine trees and lots of peace. Even the wind makes an arc around Palombaggia. The water is crystal clear and splashes against rocks and sand. Children can splash in shallow water and watch fish while the adults enjoy the midday sunshine under the trees. Here in Palombaggia the hectic beach life with meat inspection and cool beachlook has no chance, because the time has stopped here. For this purpose, the recovery has taken place in Palombaggia, best in the autumn when most tourists have already left Corsica.

Die Bucht des Mondes auf Sardinien

The Cala Luna in Sardinia is a long bay on the east coast of Sardinia and a real challenge when you want to freshen up by jumping into the beautiful blue water, because at first you have to hike for about an hour with your hiking boots and backpack to get there. It is easier to walk from the lake, and from here you can also see the lush limestone and small and large caves, which are used as a shadow in summer. If you pass a restaurant that offers refreshments and almost arrive at the destination of your dreams, the view opens onto a lagoon and you finally get to jump into the clear and cool water. You deserved it! 🙂

 Naturparadies an der Costa de la Luz


If you think of Spain’s beaches with sunbaths, beach towels and crowds, the Coto de Donana is different: sand dune rushing towards the sky and the great Atlantic rushing and rolling. The world heritage site on the Costa de la Luz, near the mouth of the Guadalquivir in the south of Spain, presents itself not only from the wild side but also from its inhabitants: Pardelluches, imperial eagles and flamingos call the natural park their home . In a safari with the off-road vehicle, you can – with a little luck – see some of these animals. The Coto de Donana is the somewhat different beach – ancient and wild, but unforgettable for nature lovers.

Deals for Coto de Donana


Lost in paradise – Bermuda

Bermuda is actually known for the feared Bermuda triangle, in which allegedly ships and airplanes disappear forever. Hardly anybody knows, however, that the island in the Atlantic off the US coast is a true scenic beauty: lush, tropical and subtropical vegetation, beaches dotted with tiny coral splinters and pinkish shimmering, houses in inviting pastel colors and an amiable British eccentricity. In addition, there is also an exciting history of the island, whales and birds for nature lovers and a shopping paradise in St George’s, another UNESCO World Heritage site. High season for cruise ships are the months from April to November, in winter, the price level on Bermuda is better tolerable, in March and April you have the chance to catch a glimpse of giant ocean breezes and during the summer there is beach and festivalfeeling on Bermuda.

The most beautiful beaches in Europe – Caribbean feeling in the Balearic Islands

The Cala Macarelleta on Majorca ‘s little sister Menorca is a bay like you can find it in a picture book: the crystal clear blue water and the white powdery beach invite you to swim and sunbath while the white limestone cliffs, covered by dark green pine trees, lend a picturesque touch to the beach paradise. The way to the somewhat hidden bay is however a bit arduous: From the much more famous Cala Macarella it goes over the cliffs and over a staircase down to the water. The advantage of this somewhat arduous journey is that the bay is mostly for itself. However, September and October are ideal for Cala Macarelleta, because there are no more summer tourists there at this time.

Hollywood scenery in Kefolania, Greece

Myrtos Beach has already served Penelope Cruz on the side of Nicolas Cage as a movie scenery: the white pebbly beach is of course not for those who are sensitive to the feet, but anyone who can overlook and go about it will be bewitched by dark blue water, bright stones and dark green clinging to the rocks. There are a couple of sun loungers and a bar and then the holiday can begin undisturbed with Greek specialties, a glass of wine or beer or a cool soft drink. Narrow paths lead to the bay, but the path to the destination is not so difficult.

Deals for Kefolania, Greece


Island of Fire – Hawaii

One of the more expensive holiday destinations – the American Pacific island group has been a dream destination for many, whether it’s a holiday, a wedding or for fans of the sport event “Iron Man”. The volcanic archipelago offers an insight into the world’s fire-kettle and the national park in Kilauea, around two volcanoes, blends science and myth in the truest sense of the word: the fire goddess Pele has her residence here and she has been an industrious lady since the 1980s , because the Big Island it is constantly increasing by several hectares. Besides the glowing lava fields, Hawaii also lends itself with rainforests, beautiful coasts, many endemic animals and plants and a fascinating culture of the Hawaiians. March to May and September and October are gentle for the travel agency.

Eastern Bhutan: adventure in the unknown

Bhutan has caused a sensation in the last few years, because the country, which is really quite unknown in the vastness of Asia, is leading the index of happiness. To experience a little bit of it, you have to take a long trip, but when the mountains of the “roof of the world” appear in front of the airplane windows, you get a first idea of the happiness of Bhutan. The secluded eastern region of the last Buddhist kingdom in the Himalayas is reached after a two-day trip and you will only find a few travelers there. There are no hotels, but there is a cordial reception for families who offer traditional dishes to the visitors and look forward to the admiration that is presented to the brightly colored silk-screened towels. The religiously shaped country is best visited in March or November to witness the Buddhist festivals Gomphu Kora and Monggar Tshechu.

Workers’ flair in Scotland: discover Glasgow

Edinburgh is always worth a trip, but who is going to Glasgow? Hopefully, all those who are already on the British island, for whom Edinburgh is noble and well-off, Glasgow is cheeky and does not want to say good-bye to his working-day. The flair of the industrial city has entered into a cultural-artistic atmosphere with a wide shopping street in the pedestrian zone, the galleries, museums and exhibitions and history the city has to offer: the necropolis offers a fantastic view over the city and here you can see the tombs By well-known personalities from Scotland’s moving history, such as the great reformer John Knox. The unknown graves, surreptitiously overpower the magic of the huge cemetery. Back in the city, life pulsates with locals and visitors, but especially by the countless street musicians, from the bagpipe player to the rock singer – staying and listening is worthwhile!

On the beautiful blue Danube – world cities along the blue pearl chain

The journey along Herodot’s “grandest of all rivers” starts in the picturesque Black Forest and the first stop is in Regensburg. Tourism has arrived here through the Danube cruises and the city is showing its visitors in the well-restored garb. Vienna, Austria’s fascinating capital with the perpetual flair of the Royal Monarchy, and the twin city of Budapest are, of course, highlights along the canal. But for the most courageous, it goes to the haunted Transsylvanien. After almost 3,000 kilometers on the river you can safely agree with Herodot even after 2,500 years. The Danube is worth a journey at any time of the year: Christmas markets illuminate the dark season, sunshine sweetened the summer months and in the autumn the golden light invites to photo tours.

Water sports on Gran Canaria

The Big Five in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

Elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhinoceros are known as the Big Five of a safari and can best be seen in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. This delta is a small curiosity, as the river Okavango flows into the Kalahari Desert and lends the delta area the lush vegetation of an oasis – the water of the Okavango evaporates in the dry air of the desert. Since 2014, this unique landscape with its constantly changing watercourses and its species-rich fauna is on the UNESCO list. Safaris can be done either by boat or by jeep, depending on the season. On the water in the canoe you can also watch ibis, hippos and kingfishers. The best time to travel to this region of Africa is in mid-European summer.

115 beautifully islands in the Pacific: The Seychelles

Even if Queen Elizabeth II, who was otherwise so formal, could not resist the charms of the Seychelles and made a spontaneous stop on the main island of Mahé. As in a Garden of Eden, the Seychelles offer their natural beauty to lavishly natives and visitors: the enchanting beaches, the exciting underwater life, which is guarded by six strictly divided national parks under the water surface, endemic species that exist only in the Seychelles in the Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve, a Creole cuisine that comes out of the sea on the beach, surfing and snorkeling on every beach – what more could the heart need? Spring and autumn are the preferred seasons for divers; from April to October, the birdwatchers are moving in. May to September, the hikers and surfers are on the road.


The border of the United States to Mexico is now on everyone’s lips and thinks of illegal refugees and drug addicts. In San Diego and her twin sister Tijuana in northern Mexico, however, this is only part of the story. While San Diego in southern California with the famous Sea World and its killer whale shows, sandy beaches and a lively theater scene lures, one should venture the change of perspective through a border crossing: Tijuana maybe can’t keep up with their rich sister, but still attracts tourism. Galleries and artists have chosen Tijuana as their home town, and Tourguides offer guided tours across the border. Both cities are worth a trip all throughout the year, only from June to July a distressing atmosphere spreads in the border region, where the otherwise blue sky is covered by gloomy clouds.